CD Detroit In The 50’s, Vol. 2


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1 Earl & Joyce Songer We’re Satisfied
2 Earl & Joyce Songer Smiling Through The Years
3 The Eagles (9) Vocal By Roy Hall I’m The Boss In This House
4 Jack Luker & The Tennessee Valley Boys Smokey Mountain Gal
5 Rufus Shoffner Got Anything Good?
6 Rufus Shoffner Why Do You Treat Me The Way You Do?
7 Jimmy Myers & His Happy Highway Gang Ding Dong Mama From Tennessee
8 Chuck Oakes And His Chuck Wagon Boys Hey! It’s Chuck’s Boogie
9 Sonny Sexton And His Musical Westenairs Its A Long Road (That Never Turns)
10 Leon Benson & His Rhythm Ramblers St. Joe Boogie
11 Floyd Compton She Won’t Turn Over Me
12 Earl & Joyce Songer Dissatisfied
13 Earl & Joyce Songer Blue Mountain Girl
14 Earl Songer Spanish Fire Bells
15 Forest Rye Wildcat Boogie
16 Boots Gilbert & Bob Sykes With Chuck Hatfield And The Treble-Aires* Take It Or Leave It
17 Boots Gilbert With Chuck Hatfield & The Treble-Aires* Man! Turn Me Loose
18 Jimmy Williams & The Drifters Teardrops And Memories
19 Jimmy Williams & The Drifters Loveless Kisses
20 Rambling Rufus Shoffner And The Tennessee River Boys Shotgun Wedding
21 Rambling Rufus Shoffner And The Tennessee River Boys Afraid I’ll Lose You
22 Buster Turner & His Pinnacle Mt. Boys That Old Heartbreak Express
23 Roy Rector & Slim Bradford I Didn’t Know I Loved You
24 May Hawks With Chuck Hatfield And The Treble-Aires* Meet Me Down In Nashville
25 Will Hayes With The Ozark Valley Boys Honeymoon In The Mountains
26 Pete DeBree & The Wanderers* Wanderer’s Blues
27 Pete DeBree & The Wanderers* My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It
28 Hugh Friar Empty Arms
29 Ford Nix & The Sunnysiders Ain’t No Sign